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Designing a website made easy

Hello guys, This is Himaja and welcome to my blog. 

Do you already have a running website? Then congratulations!! 

Is designing a website in your 2021 Goals but are you scared that website design is harder than acing SAT? Absolutely no. A few weeks back, even I was under the same impression but thanks to  MY INTERNSHIP AT DDIP, I learnt the in’s and out’s of creating a website and I can proudly say I can easily create and customize a website. Today I am gonna talk about a few basics to know before you create a website. This makes the process of designing a website easy and you will have a pretty good idea on how to create a website


Why you should have a website?


Having an online presence has become a must in today’s world.

A few decades back, people used to exchange addresses to stay in touch via letters. Then they started exchanging landline no’s and mobile no’s .

The advent of smartphones and social media has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. I remember using Yahoo chat and Orkut to communicate with my friends in college ( Millennials- Please stop thinking “OMG! How old are you “ 😛 .) . Then came Fb, Insta, Snapchat, Twitter etc to name a few.

You might be thinking “ I already have an account in every social media platform, then why do I need a website”

Let me tell you that the content you post on social media is owned by those platforms but not you. If the app gets shut down/ banned for some reason, you lose all your content. For instance, take the example of TikTok. It was trending during the lockdown and everyone was either viewing/making TikTok videos to fight boredom. But when the app got banned in India, TikTokers lost all their content.

When it comes to a Website, the content you post on it is owned by you. 

A website is a perfect place to showcase your talent. If you are a budding photographer/artist you can post your pictures. If you are a student/freelancer, you can improve your content writing skills by posting blogs regularly.

It looks more professional and people start taking you seriously. You can use your website as your portfolio and there are many instances where people got hired/got clients based on the content of the blog posts.

You can even monetize your website by running display ads or by reviewing products.

If you own a business, be it big/ small, you can reach more customers locally and globally. It increases your brand value and gives credibility to your business. People can shop from the comfort and safety of their homes, which everyone is preferring especially during this global pandemic. Unlike a physical store, website is available 24*7 and marketing can be done at a very low cost. 


What are Domain and Hosting?


Imagine you want to open a toy store. First, you think of a unique name for the store and then you search for a place to rent so that you could display your products and start selling. 

In the same way, DOMAIN is the name of your website that people type in the browser’s URL whereas web hosting is the place where all the files of your website are stored. Both are necessary for creating a website.


How to Choose a Domain Name?

There are different extensions for a domain name like  .com , .org , .net , .in etc . The cost of a domain name depends on the extension you want. I would personally suggest going with .com extension unless it’s too expensive.

Some tips to keep in mind while choosing a domain name:

  • Keep your domain name short and simple.
  • Avoid Hyphens, underscores, complicated words, double letters.
  • It should be easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Keep it unique.

You can use your name/brand name for the domain. There are few domain name generators like, that give you ideas for unique domain names based on your niche.


Where to get Domain and Hosting?

The following are the few top domain registrars that you can buy a domain name 


Buying a domain name doesn’t guarantee you a website. You have to buy web hosting services too.

Sometimes you can just get a domain name so that someone else won’t grab it and can always buy web hosting later to develop a website. You can even sell your domain on reseller websites and earn money, in case you decide not to develop a website.


Web Hosting:

When you are searching for a place to rent for your toy shop, you will notice that the price is not the same for every shop. Depending on the locality, sft etc the price changes. Similarly, there are multiple web hostings and each differs in price and features. Choosing the right web hosting is important and it depends on our budget and requirement.

I am going to talk about 3 different best web hosting available to meet your requirements.

  • Hostinger: The cheapest one available on the Internet and it is perfectly suitable for beginners. It gives shared hosting and if you think only a few visitors around 1000 will be visiting your site, then go for it.

  • WPX: It is probably the best web hosting available. It is super fast and uses world-class technology but it’s super expensive. If you have the budget, I would recommend you to go for it.

  • A2: If you need something between Hostinger and WPX, then A2 perfectly fits in that range. This is best suited for small business and it is known for its top-quality developer tools, Reliable uptime, high-speed performance and top customer satisfaction.


Once you register your domain name and get web hosting, you can start building a website on your own. Using WordPress will make designing much easier. Even if you are a novice, you can easily develop a professional-looking website. I will explain in detail about it in my next blog post.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your unique domain name and web hosting and get started.  Start designing website on your own.


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